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QpadMK-95 Pro Gaming Mekanisk Tastatur

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ComputertilbehørTastatur og tilbehørGaming tastatur fra Qpad

The QPAD MK95 comes with the brand new switchable optical switch that combines two extremely different keystrokes feeling into one single optical switch. There are linear feeling and clickly feeling. That means you can choose what keystroke feeling and feedback you want or need, depending on what purpose you use the QPAD MK95. You have full control on your keyboard even the key switch and don't need to worry about what kind of switch is the better choice.

Due to the QPAD´s special optical trigger design, the QPAD MK95 offer the lower-delay and more stable signal transmits by the special optical technology. That means the signal would almost synchronize reaction when you stroke the key.

The integrated “Anti-Ghosting” function enables you to simultaneously press all modifier buttons (i.e. Shift key, Ctrl button, Alt and Windows button) as well as 6 additional shortcut buttons, without losing or confusing any information (ghost button effect).

Furthermore we have equipped the QPAD MK95 with QPAD software which enables you to fully customize the RGB lighting, Macros and more function settings. This adds style to your skill and also ensures you never lose any command even in the darkest environment.


Vores varenummer: 15510
Producentens varenr: 9J.P7R8A.K0P

Om varemærket


Dimensioner & vægt

Kabellængde 1.5 m
Bredde 456 mm
Dybde 151 mm
Højde 40 mm
Vægt 982 g


Mekaniske taster Ja
Type af switch Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red
Formfaktor Full-size
Knaplayout ISO 105
Sproglayout ISO Nordic
Belysning Ja
Farve på belysning RGB (16.8 m)
Knapmateriale ABS
Multimedietaster Ja
Håndleddstøtte Ja
N-key rollover Ja
Anti-ghosting Ja
Farve Grå


Forbindelse USB
Trådløs Nej
Kompatibilitet PC


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