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Trådløs Selfie Stick Tripod Alvito Bluetooth 4.0

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Get to know Natec Alvito
We present a high-quality selfie stick that can also be used as a Tripod, which you can conveniently position and remotely take a photo using the Bluetooth remote control. Solid materials combined with wide functionality guarantee the best experience when using Alvito and taking pictures expressing more than 1000 words.

Change it into a Tripod and take pictures from afar
Natec Alvito is more than just a selfie stick. The handle consists of three elements that, when unfolded, allow it to be stably placed on a flat surface, enabling you to take pictures from a distance using a wireless remote control. You can be sure that regardless of the situation you will take not only a fabulous selfie, but also a traditional photo from afar, which will diversify your photo collection.

Detachable BT remote control with battery included
Natec Alvito has been equipped with a modern button for taking pictures, which is located on a removable remote control. This solution allows you to launch the phone’s camera being away from it up to 10 meters from the device, thanks to advanced BT 4.0 technology. Do not limit yourself and take photos the way you like it transforming Alvito into a Tripod.

High quality telescopic technology
The telescope in Alvito has been refined and made in a very solid way, preventing it from swaying and bending under the weight of your phone, as is the case with other selfie sticks. During use, you do not have to worry about your device, which you can easily lift high, because the powerful telescope extends Alvito up to 70 centimetres!

Rotating handle with additional adjustment
You can position the phone exactly the way you need to capture the best shots possible. Rotating the handle, you can comfortably take pictures in portrait or landscape orientation, and by adjusting the tilt angle you can perfectly calibrate the frame when using the selfie stick. Alvito provides full lens control that allows you to perfectly save the most precious moments.

A firm grip thanks to the rough texture
We have made sure that the safety of your device is not only supported by the strong elements of the selfie stick, but also by your firm grip, which will be ensured by the appropriate, rough texture applied in the place where you place your hand. We prevent Alvito from accidentally slipping out of your hand so that you do not have to worry about your phone.

Compatible with Android/IOS
The selfie stick is 100% compatible with phones with Android and IOS systems so you can be sure that you can wirelessly and efficiently take pictures with almost every phone equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Compact and light
The small dimensions of the selfie stick when folded and its light weight of just 130 grams ensure the best possible conditions for capturing even the most ambitious outdoor scenery. Appropriately reduced dimensions guarantee comfortable use of Alvito even by children.

Classic, refined design
The device has a classic black design in the premium edition, which has been tastefully pampered with silver elements. Natec Alvito improves your well-being encouraging you with its modern look to act and save moments which will stay with you forever.

Top quality materials
All elements used in the production of Natec Alvito have been carefully selected to ensure high quality of the entire selfie stick, exceeding the standards of similar products available on the market. Use the device enjoying its smooth operation for years.


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