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Neon 200 RGB Gaming Headset

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fra Genesis

Here are the headphones that reveal sound quality which will take your gaming experience to another level. Great user experience combined with top workmanship gives you exactly what you expect from high-end gaming headphones. All of this in a pampered design with RGB backlight. Meet the Neon 200. Only the highest quality materials have been selected to create these headphones, all so that the Neon 200 can satisfy you for years to come. Robust design, durable earpads, eco-leather and fault-tolerant textile cable. Everything has been carefully thought-out and designed create a more premium product than the competition.

A new level of sound

Neon 200 gives you a flawless sound, exposing every detail of your opponent’s positioning – steps, shots and all the other elements. High-quality 50mm drivers give you clear and beautiful audio of what’s happening in the virtual world.

Beautiful with LED RGB
Putting the headphones on is an absolute pleasure thanks to their beautiful design. Classic deep blacks combined with stylish gouges and a red padding on the headband give an aggressive look, the backlit Genesis logo in the RGB color palette makes you love your new headphones.

Ear-wrapping pads
Make your path to glory for hours and keep going. Hours of comfortable gaming are delivered by high-quality earpads and a soft sponge located on the headband, Neon 200 which will take care of your comfort as long as necessary.

Volume control
Neon 200 has a volume dial built in the left earphone so you can instantly adjust the volume level as you see fit.

Crystal clear voice
Neon 200 is equipped with omnidirectional microphone that perfectly picks up your voice and reduces background noises. The flexible design makes it easy to position the microphone at the most appropriate height and distance from the mouth. Fight with your team knowing that everything you say will be perfectly understood.

Compatible with PS4, XBOX ONE and SWITCH
Thanks to a single 4-pin plug the headphones are ready to work whenever and wherever you want them to. Neon 200 is compatible with Playstation 4, XBOX ONE, and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the included adapter in the headset, you can easily connect the headphones to any device.


Vores varenummer: 1001037
Producentens varenr: NSG-1609

Om varemærket

Genesis, et komplet sortiment til spil - Genesis er en producent af gamingtilbehør, der blev startet i 2011, og siden starten har de produceret spiludstyr til gamere på alle niveauer. Deres mål er at have et bredt sortiment, der hjælper spillere på forskellige niveauer med at nå nye mål. Med deres brede udvalg kan de hjælpe gamere med alle aspekter af deres spil.

Genesis mener, at deres styrke kommer fra kontakten mellem deres produkter og deres brugere, så i sidste ende er det brugeren, der definerer produktets værdi. Hver eneste gamer bygger langsomt men sikkert et community, og i Gensis tilfælde er det #genesisgaming.


Audio output

Frekvensområde 20-20000 Hz
Følsomhed 105 db
Impedans 32 Ω
Lyd Stereo

Dimensioner & vægt

Kabellængde 1.8 m
Vægt 280 g


Membran 50 mm
Formfaktor On-ear
Belysning Ja, RGB
Farve Sort


Forbindelse 3,5mm
Kompatibilitet PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One


Mute-knap Ja
Volumenkontrol Ja


Garanti 2 års garanti


Frekvensområde 30-16000 Hz
Følsomhet -58 dB
Aftagelig Ingen
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#wearemaxgaming - Inspiration
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